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Open Video Converter 3.22

An efficient tool to encode your videos into AVI files using the DivX codec
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Open Video Converter is an efficient tool that encodes your videos into AVI files. You can convert any MPEG, WMV, ASF, MPG, OGM file to AVI, or encode to AVI the videos you burnt into VCDs and SVCDs. You can select which parts will be converted, as well as change the aspect ratio, or the video and audio quality.

Open Video Converter works better with the DivX codec, which you need to have installed in your system. However, it may also use other video codecs that you can select in the settings window. There you can also adjust the video resolution that fits with the player you want to use, and change or keep the original aspect ratio, or decide if you want the audio to be compressed or be kept in PCM or ADPCM. These versatile functionalities allow you to fully customize the output to minimize the possible loss of quality. It also works perfectly with MP3, which allows for a less aggressive video compression in order to improve the overall quality.

By default, Open Video Converter will encode and output the whole of the original file, but you can easily set the starting and ending points to select the fragments you want to have converted into AVI. When selecting a video file, Open Video Converter will open a new window where you can preview the video file, which makes trimming and clipping your videos an easier task.

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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface with limited settings
  • Wide range of options for codecs, video resolution, frames, and aspect ratio


  • DivX codec is not included in the package
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